Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrating Summer

"Then followed that beautiful season...Summer...Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light: and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There is a stillness to the morning light - Summer has arrived! I grab coffee and walk out barefooted to feed the squirrels - the grass feels delicious beneath my feet. Gardens are blossoming forth; in the afternoon, iced tea is served to girlfriends on the front porch; there is time to chat and linger. My lavender and lion's tail are a' buzz with honey bees.

June has been a busy month (yes, friends, that is my excuse for being so remiss in blogging!!) The month kicked off with Vintage Marketplace - I did manage to get pics up and describe how extraordinary this event was...and then things took off.

The following week, Rita Reade organized a day for creative girlfriends that started out at Key Creek Lavender Farm - about 20 amazing women showed up - wish I had gotten pics of everyone who attended!

Bouganvilla archway - Lavender Labyrinth behind

Rows upon rows of fragrant lavender

Then we were off to Christine Schulz's for a gourmet lunch prepared by her daughter, Rachel and sister, Vicky. Christine's home was incredible!  -  I'll let you see for yourself -

Then we were off to
Matilda's Mouse - a very unique barn sale held on the old Betty Crocker estate.

It was such a magical day. Taking time out to hang with my creative girlfriends is so important! But June didn't stop there!

Taught my coptic journal class (Van de Mortel Designs) at Whimzy, followed up later in the week with a celebration of Summer Solstice and shopping at Gilding the Lily. Shop owner extraordinaire, Nancy Jamar, had everything Victorian I was looking for (and then some!!) - took a rose painting class with Christy Repasy - the BEST art class! If you have the chance to take her class - jump on it - they book up months in advance. Managed to get over to Jamestown Village Flea Market and picked up a few items that I will be repurposing and blogging about. Yesterday had tea with my Fa La Vecia partner, Lydia Reza ...

June has been such a fun-filled month. I can't think of better way to kick off summer - can you?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage Marketplace - A Magical Experience for Shoppers AND Vendors

Lydia and I had the privilege of being vendors at the incredible Vintage Marketplace produced by Christy Repasy and Rita Reade. They created a magical environment where art and beautiful objects seemed to appear at every turn. Upon entering the show, shoppers were transported to another world - sort of like the moment in Wizard of Oz when the screen goes from black and white (Kansas) to vibrant Technicolor (Oz)...Everything in sight is Breathtaking!!
Three lovely and talented ladies -
Christy Repasy, Rita Reade & Lisa Loria

As vendors, Lydia and I were blown away by the care and custody provided by Christy, Rita, and Dean. Let me put it this way - Dean set up our tent in less than five minutes! Showday started with Christie giving us a beautiful vintage jar filled with goodies and a gorgeous bubble charm with our name (created by Rita, of course). Water bottles kept all the vendors hydrated. We had a waitress come to the booth to take our lunch order and Duke, the owner of the Oaks restaurant, personally delivered food --seriously, y'all - it was amazing!!!
Lydia's beautiful items

Some of my hand painted ornaments and journals 
Shoppers were thrilled by all the "consumer opportunities"...

White Horse Relics booth
Denise and her daughter Ashley had an outstanding display

We finally got to meet Vintage Susie (the designer of our Fa La Vecia blog) in person!
Vintage Susie and friend visit our booth
Sharon, Lydia and I --Check out these cute aprons by Pansy Cottage!

Lydia, Sharon, me,  and Shirleanne working hard :)
My pictures just don't do the show justice. 
 There are many more fabulous pics at The Vintage Markplace Facebook page.

Fa La Vecia will be at the Vintage Marketplace in September - we can't wait!