Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage Marketplace - A Magical Experience for Shoppers AND Vendors

Lydia and I had the privilege of being vendors at the incredible Vintage Marketplace produced by Christy Repasy and Rita Reade. They created a magical environment where art and beautiful objects seemed to appear at every turn. Upon entering the show, shoppers were transported to another world - sort of like the moment in Wizard of Oz when the screen goes from black and white (Kansas) to vibrant Technicolor (Oz)...Everything in sight is Breathtaking!!
Three lovely and talented ladies -
Christy Repasy, Rita Reade & Lisa Loria

As vendors, Lydia and I were blown away by the care and custody provided by Christy, Rita, and Dean. Let me put it this way - Dean set up our tent in less than five minutes! Showday started with Christie giving us a beautiful vintage jar filled with goodies and a gorgeous bubble charm with our name (created by Rita, of course). Water bottles kept all the vendors hydrated. We had a waitress come to the booth to take our lunch order and Duke, the owner of the Oaks restaurant, personally delivered food --seriously, y'all - it was amazing!!!
Lydia's beautiful items

Some of my hand painted ornaments and journals 
Shoppers were thrilled by all the "consumer opportunities"...

White Horse Relics booth
Denise and her daughter Ashley had an outstanding display

We finally got to meet Vintage Susie (the designer of our Fa La Vecia blog) in person!
Vintage Susie and friend visit our booth
Sharon, Lydia and I --Check out these cute aprons by Pansy Cottage!

Lydia, Sharon, me,  and Shirleanne working hard :)
My pictures just don't do the show justice. 
 There are many more fabulous pics at The Vintage Markplace Facebook page.

Fa La Vecia will be at the Vintage Marketplace in September - we can't wait!


  1. What a great time we had, so glad you were my next door neighbor!

  2. You are so right girlfriend, none of our pictures can capture the magic of that was wonderful!!! I love how much you have been working on your blog, it looks fabulous!