Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roger's Garden's Halloween Party

The amazing work of Virgie Lightfoot

The incredible Paulette Adams (see her in the current issues of Somerset Home and Romantic Homes) invited myself and Lydia Reza (my partner for Vintage Marketplace) to the Roger's Gardens "Blackstone" Back Alley Theater (Halloween Preview) Party in Corona Del Mar. 

Albeit the line was long, but the lovely folks at Roger's-- decked out in black with festive hats all done up with tulle, rhinestones and roses-- kept coming by with ice cold waters and homemade cookies-- while Paulette, Lydia and I chatted. Ideas were flying everywhere and I must say I am surprised that my head did not spontaneously combust with all the creative electricity zinging around between us --and we had yet to enter the event!!! 

The "Blackstone" Back Alley Theater design immediately transported us "backstage". The Prop room was loaded with Vintage Halloween rosettes, bottle brush Halloween Christmas trees (does that make sense?) Glitter Glass Haunted Houses, black cats, Vintage Halloween tags...much more than I can possibly list. Paulette's eye was caught by an old French military jacket of beautiful quality. So glad she pointed it out--with my head bent in the Wendy Addison display I would have completely missed it! As we entered the Costume room, Lydia pointed out the ceiling (yes, I still had my head bent--this time I was immersed in black bird nests and black glitter trees) where a huge moving tarantula danced over our heads.

There were vintage photos that turned seriously scary as we passed, one of my favorite backstage props was a vintage couch that had playful rats poking their heads out of the upholstery. Huge chandeliers that hung from ceiling to floor...

Had a wonderful conversation with Virgie Lightfoot (photo at top) - her artwork is whimsical, very original and fun.I was amazed to find out her creatures are made of fabric with her own special paint recipe--the end result is incredible (yet another superlative!!)

We wrapped up the evening at Tommy Bahama's--more great conversation with soft (live!!) guitar music and coconut shrimp. To quote Fat Boy Slim - what a "Wonderful Night"! Couldn't wait to get home and share it with y'all!   ox


  1. Looks like a fun and frightening time!

  2. I love Rogers Gardens... if I lived closer I will love to work for them!!

    A very inspiring place year round..but the holiday season is over the top with amazing merchandise and I usually have prop envy the second I walk in!!

    Kay Ellen

  3. Jenelle,

    What a beautiful post!
    That was so much fun and
    I'm so pleased you and Lydia could join me
    in the over- the- top Halloween creativity
    and the best brain storming of ideas
    and women empowering women
    camaraderie and conversations!
    Thank you!